BAIT x Asics Gel Lyte III “BASICS Model-003 Nippon Blues” / The third and final installment of the BAIT x Asics BASICS Program Gel Lyte III series takes hold of the strong Japanese roots behind the Gel Lyte III. 

Switching directions from the first two military inspired designs, the BASICS Model-003 Nippon Blues is a step back to pay homage to Asics. Inspired by Japanese culture and tradition, the Nippon Blues utilizes an indigo kasuri textile imported from Japan to adorn the upper. Maintaining the functionality of the BASICS designs, a durable deep navy, nailhead suede reinforces the Gel-Lyte III to withstand the wear and tear of everyday use.  The Asics form stripe has been modified for a clean simplistic design, alongside red accents to complete the Nippon Blues motif.  Hickory Denim lines the footbed as a nod to exemplify the western influence and relationship Asics has with BAIT.

Registration for the raffle purchase is still open for the BASICS Model-003 Nippon Blues - along with the BASICS Model-001 Vanquish and BASICS Model-002 Guardian incase you missed the first two releases - by filling out this entry form. You can also register to purchase all 3 in a pack.

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